Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer job prototypes

This summer some former students and I designed and fabricated prototypes for a client of Frankie Flood's DCRL (Digital Craft Research Lab) at UWM.  Because we were waiting on some outsourced components (custom fabricated circuit boards, electrical components, etc) we just recently finished assembling the first batch of stage-three prototypes.  They turned out to be beautiful and robust pieces of equipment.

Above you can get a sense of the underlying aluminum structure of the device.

Because the device itself is pending patent protection, I cant write much about what these things actually DO, but I didn't think it would hurt to show off how well they turned out. 

And a little snapshot of yours truly donning the first completed prototype.

Finally, a detail of the batch of five we recently completed.  Can't wait to see these tested in the lab!

To the students/colleagues that contributed to this project (Cherise S, Mike E, Aaron D, Chad B, Emily M, John B): You guys did amazing work and it was such a pleasure working with you!

If I get the opportunity, I'll post more about this project in the future.

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