Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TEDx UWMilwaukee

Things have been busy.  Too little time to blog, and certainly not enough time to make stuff.  This is what fall semester does to me... But my students are totally worth it!

Anyway, here I am talking about art, technology and useless machines - as part of UWMilwaukee's TEDx event.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Student "Initials Logos"

I have a handful of students in my 2D Digital Design class who are doing excellent work (most of them have no prior experience in digital media!) and I wanted to share their outstanding work.

I begin this course focusing in Illustrator - then move into Photoshop mid-semester.  One of the projects challenges students to design a logo based on their initials, and create a vector graphic.

A couple of my favorite submissions for this project include:

by Heidi T.

by Mike M.

by Amber S.

by Ty C.

by Brooke S.

by Rosaisela M.

by Joanna A.