Saturday, September 14, 2013

Salvage bot.

I've had so much success with finding recyclable electronics and mechanical components from used/discarded inkjet printers and desktop scanners, that I decided to build another 3D printer.  This one is a derivative of the Prusa i3, modified to incorporate the recycled components.

Recycled components from printers and scanners include: All four NEMA 17 motors (X, Y, and Zs), 6 precision ground rods, 2 pulleys, 2 timing belts, and 4 brass bushings.  The rest of the components and materials (acrylic sheets, circuit boards, 3d printed parts, nuts bolts and misc hardware) ended up costing a total of about $250.  Far less expensive than the Mendel Max I built last summer.

 First print:  An OM symbol trinket for Louisa.

This printer also is capable of a .15mm Z layer height.  While it inst quite as consistent, this is much higher resolution than what my other printer is capable of.

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