Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glass water bottle for Louisa

My beautiful girlfriend, Louisa, is a super health-conscious woman.  She has recently gotten into juicing, and has been looking for a reusable water bottle that is not made of plastic (which often contain harmful BPA chemicals) or metal (which is often coated in BPA plastics.)  

Below is our DIY solution:

Materials for our glass water bottle:  Large glass mason jar, glass straw (from Amazon), and 3/4" rubber grommets from local hardware store.

Step 1: Drill hole in mason jar lid.  I used a sheet metal bit to slowly step up the hole diameter until it fit the rubber grommet just right.

Step 2:  Insert grommet and straw.

Step 3:  Enjoy your new glass water bottle.

*Edit* Upon testing the bottle, we immediately found that the rubber grommet makes such a good seal that it creates a vacuum when you try to drink from it.  So I ended up adding a small "vent" hole to the metal lid.

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