Saturday, September 21, 2013

Glove One iPhone Case: Drawing

 Just over a year ago I created Glove One, which included a couple custom-machined aluminum details (Frankie Flood helped me out with these.)

To be safe, I milled a couple extra copies of each aluminum part.  I still have these, and they are just lying around waiting to be utilized in a project. 

I purchased an iPhone 5 a few weeks back (yes, I finally succumbed to the smart phone) and upon sketching some protective case designs to 3D print, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the extra aluminum glove one "hand logo".

Here's my preliminary drawing of the case.  A few details to tweak, and it's off to the 3D printer with this design!

I'll be sure post the results when I get to that point.

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