Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Europe and Africa: Part Three

Continued from Part Two

After our stay in Barcelona, we returned to Germany and joined our good friend Thomas for his wedding in a small town near Frankfurt.  Congrats, Thomas and Daniela!

We then rented a car (pictured above) and drove to Berlin for our last week in Europe.  It was a ten-hour drive... and I passed right around when Louisa hit 220 kmph (roughly 137 mph) on the autobahn.

Before I met her, Louisa lived in Berlin for a year.  She had mentioned that when she was here last, the holocaust memorial on Hannah-Arendt-Stra├če was still under construction.  We made a point to visit it now that it's finished.  

A random store-front installation featuring thousands of glasses frames in Berlin.

I also stopped by the DAM gallery to check out some new work from my good friend Patrick Lichty.  Turns out several of my favorite artists were featured in this group show... I will post more about this later (coming soon!).

We found lodging in Berlin through Air BnB - and stayed in an apartment who's owner is a fan of modernism (if you can't tell from his decorating).

I also made a point to visit c-base, largely known as "the mothership of all hackerspaces".  I will return to this in another post as well (coming soon!).

On the metro in Berlin, taking a nap between gulps of delicious German beer.

As I mentioned, I have a few things from this trip I will return to in some upcoming posts.  Until then, I leave you with a shot of the suitcase full of gummies we brought home from Belin...

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