Saturday, August 29, 2015

Europe and Africa! (Part Two)

Continued from Part One

After our awesome Desert adventures in Morocco, we flew to Barcelona to spend a week with some old Spanish friends from college. 

No, these arent them - just two older gentleman we crossed paths with near the Sagrada Familia. 

The Sagrada Familia!

Here's my favorite Spanish meal - Spanish omelette on a baguette and Patatas Bravas, alongside a refreshing glass of sangria.

Barcelona cat.

Enjoying some dulce de leche in front of some Barcelonian graffiti.

Mid-way through the week Louisa and I decided to rent bicycles.  We traveled across the entire city - which is sort of a giant hill, starting at the beach and going all the way to the Gaudí museum at the top of the city.

Louisa, towering over Barcelona.

While in Barcelona, I couldn't resist checking out the makers scene that was all the rage last summer.

I'll save this for a future blog entry. Coming soon!

While in Barcelona I also stumbled upon - completely by chance - Diotonic, a hobby and electronics store that would best be described as Radioshack (may it rest in peace) on steroids.

I would consider this to be a close second to the maker's paradise that is Shanghai's Beijing Lu.  I will come back to this in a future post, as well!

Continued in Part Two.

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