Friday, May 29, 2015


I am working on a new series of prints, videos and lightboxes, tentatively titled Remediation.  Each work will utilize 3D imaging tools and processes, but will manifest as two-dimensional works. The motivation behind this series is to explore main-stream media, its technologies, its politics, and its saturation in contemporary society.

To create these images and animations, I am primarily utilizing 3D scans I take with an Xbox Kinect Sensor, and am using a combination of the following software platforms: Meshlab (for editing and manipulating 3D meshes), Processing (for mesh manipulation and animation), Photoshop and Illustrator (for generating digital image processing) and Adobe Premier (for video editing and animation.)

Here's a low res video demonstrating a simple program I created in Processing for layering 3D models.  I use functions for generating noise to dictate the size, placement and color of the models, resulting in beautiful and unique collages.

Below are more sample images and video clips - working concepts for the series.  Enjoy!

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