Monday, September 15, 2014

Updating Supercontroller

Due to my upcoming duo show with Nathaniel Stern (opening on Octboer 17 @ MIAD) I am finally updating  - and revising - Supercontroller.

I decided to speed up installation it would be best to switch from a web cam, IR lights, and openCV, to an Xbox Kinect Sensor.  I thought, while I'm updating the work, why not improve upon it?

Above are the first tests using a Kinect for body tracking in Supercontroller (with added Spiney enemy!)

I'm currently working on adding a Koopa Troopa, which is a much cooler enemy than Spiney, and makes for a slightly more complex interaction!

Next on the agenda is getting the coin/life counter working, and possibly adding another enemy.  I'm thinking something aerial...

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