Friday, July 11, 2014

Shanghai's Beijing Lu

While in China for a 3D Printing conference, I west to visit Shanghai's famous Beijinglu (Beijing Road), known as the "hardware district" of the great city.

It is only a couple blocks away from the metro - I took line 2 to the East Nanjing Exit and walked two blocks north on Henan Road.

Spanning several blocks surrounding a stretch of road between Xizang and Henan, this area is home to a seemingly bottomless supply of any kind of hardware, tools, stock metals, adhesives, electrical components, and pretty much anything you'd need for any hardware project.


 Found in the back rooms and street corners all over this area were men and women preparing packages to be shipped all over the world. I realize now when I order components from China they are most likely coming from places like this!

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  1. I love this tour! I see several images here in your collation Bryan, that we should print. I really like some of the architectural vision you employed in the making of these images.