Monday, May 12, 2014


I finally released my new open-source project, Cubecube.  In collaboration with Kavi Laud, this hardware project explores one possibility for creating 3-D computer models by manipulating real-world objects with your hands.

 Kavi and I launched the official website/wiki for the project (, and I created a build-guide and published on (here).

This project features one of my first professionally-fabbed circuit boards, which I was pretty stoked to unbox.  I ordered it through, the company whose software I also used to design the board.

This project also features some of the trickiest and smallest assemblies I've ever designed, like the inside of a building block (pictured above).

This project is still very much in progress, but now that it is (finally) documented and published online, I plan on taking a break from it for a few months, maybe the summer.  So many other fun things to make in the mean time!

Keep your eyes peeled at for updates!

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