Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wearables project: First parts have arrived.

 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver modules arrived in the mail.  Ordered from amazon here and here.  I'll be hacking these for a new project where I'll need to send audio wirelessly between devices roughly 6 inches apart.

Walter keeps watch while I plug in the modules to charge.

First test run of the equipment.  With the press of a button they are able to sync and send audio over a relatively large range.  This guy cut out around 50 meters, with furniture and walls between. 

I'm satisfied, and will now see what's inside.

I started with the transmitter module.  Opened by sliding a large sharp blade along the seam between covers.  I should post a video on my strategies for popping stuff like this open... it can take some finesse.

I found these items inside:  x1 stereo audio cable with stereo 1/8th inch mini jack, x1 3.7v Li-ion battery pack, x1 bluetooth/audio circuit board.


 Without the battery this guy is pretty teensy.

And should fit this project quite nicely.  Next I'll dissect the receiver.  I'm expecting a similar-sized pcb inside.

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